Custom Medical and Safety Solutions

We work closely with each client to determine the specific needs of the project and the resulting level of care and coverage options required. Implementing comprehensive safety and medical solutions results in the following benefits.

  • Increased employee security
  • Reduced risks to our clients
  • Lowered operating costs
  • Enhanced production

Casevac Group’s top priority is the health and welfare of our clients’ employees. Our team works closely with each client to determine the specific needs of the project and the resulting level of care and coverage options required. We offer a variety of medical equipment, supplies, communication devices and specialized vehicles equipped for your site-specific needs.

Our team members are dedicated professionals that participate in continuing education courses and in-house training that meet and exceed licensing requirements. All of our staff is certified in industry recognized safety courses and a safety program is in place for our team and the clients we serve.

Field Medical Support

The support Casevac provides is continually evolving as industry standards change and we continue to respond to a wide array of medical challenges. Our 4 X 4 medical units and trailers are staffed by experienced medical professionals that are prepared to administer a variety of on-site treatments.

Casevac’s fully certified personnel are prepared for the challenges posed by remote site medicine and are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of medical care. Our EMRs, EMTs, paramedics and nurses are all provincially licensed, certified with on-site experience and registered in the proper jurisdiction. Our medical team has access to 24-hour physician support and is connected to a professional management team.

Comprehensive On-site Medical Care

Our clinics, staffed and equipped at the Advanced Life Support level provide projects with Primary Health Care, Emergency Care, as well as occupational health and case management services on site.

This on site clinical care decreases your dependence on local health infrastructure. This allows an increase in the control you have over the quality of the care your staff receives.

The use of our ALS staff, combined with 24 hour physician support, allows for improved quality of health services. This decreases the need for off-site transfers and related services and helps to ensure less downtime for your project due to minor injuries.

24 Hour Physician Support

We provide 24 hour on call access to emergency room physicians familiar with occupational injuries and classifications. With this physician support, we are able to treat more injuries and illnesses on site, eliminating the need for off-site transfers. When coupled with our electronic patient care reporting, this service allows our staff and the physician to properly case manage patients.


Quite simply, there is nothing more important than ensuring a client’s staff are properly trained, secure and protected. This has been an integral component of our services and in the past few years our offerings have grown to meet an increase in demand. By implementing effective and comprehensive safety solutions, we make certain the risks are significantly reduced, operating costs are lowered, efficiencies are applied, and overall production is improved.

Today our safety division incorporates three areas: planning, training, and supervision. All are intrinsic to a client’s on-site safety and Caesvac Group takes pride in ensuring the best professionals and consultants in the industry are on hand to help you with your needs.

Aside from the services listed below, we also develop custom programs, training schedules, and equipment usage policies to meet a client’s specific needs. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your unique safety requirements.

sIcons_medicSquareSafety Planning
We create effective plans that meet provincial and federal regulations while ensuring that the well being of your employees comes first.
sIcons_graphSafety Training
We provide an extensive range of training programs to meet your specific needs, from machine operation courses and first aid, to custom training.
sIcons_draftpadSafety Implementation
We are able to effectively implement projects by working closely and communicating with you through every step of the process.